LETTER: UN must launch inquiry into rights abuses on all sides in Yemen

Twenty four million people in Yemen (80% of the population) are in need of humanitarian aid, according to a new UN report.
Some 3.2 million people are at risk of severe malnutrition, including 2million children below age 5, while 19.7million people lack access to basic health care.

Famine has taken hold of the country, throwing millions more into food insecurity. The UN security chief has said millions will die and this will be a direct man-made result of the war.

The US Saudi coalition warplanes deliberately target civilian infrastructure. They arbitrarily attack homes, farms, factories, schools, buses, gas stations, government buildings, water- treatment facilities, and anything else imaginable.

It seems their goal is to create as many civilian casualties as possible.

Yemen’s actual value is its location. Yemen is a strategic “pinch point” at the southern end of the Red Sea, which thanks to the Suez Canal is the direct route between Europe, East Africa and Asia. Saudi Arabia cannot maintain real domination over the region if Yemen is not subject to its will.

The US in turn cannot maintain its global imperial position without Saudi dominance in this region, and therefore Yemen is a key area to have control of.

The second is the control of the largely untapped oil wealth of Yemen itself.

For years, the US has been passing Saudi Arabia the bombs, ammunition, fuel, and most importantly it is the US military at the command and control centre of the war on Yemen.

There needs to be a full-scale UN commission of inquiry into human rights abuses by all sides in this conflict.