1 killed 4 injured in armed clashes between Islamic extremists militants and southern soldiers east of Yemen

Photo: A number of Islamic extremists militants in Mareb province


AIJES : Armed clashes  broke out between the southern soldiers and armed elements belonging to the Islamic extremists armed  militants  of Yemeni Islah party  in the province of Marib, killing one  and four injured of southern soldiers  .
According to the sources, number of Islamic extremists discribed the southerners as faithless and mercenaries but the soldiers accused the armed Islamic militia of  Islamic s as thieves and corrupt in the name of religion.

After a verbal conflict which ended  with the outbreak of clashes with automatic weapons, killing 1 and 4  wounded, including an officer belonging to the province of Dalih, The body of the dead man and the wounded was taken to a hospital in Marib.
Meantime the elements of the islamic  party surrounded   the hospital where the southern wounded in the silence of the implementation of the leaders of the army and the local authority in Marib about these serious consequences.