Petroleum Tourism In Yemen

A lot of Yemenis and non Yemenis do not know Yemen well. They think Yemen is poor country that does not have archeological sites and ruins and economical sources to attract many tourists and investors. Unfortunately this idea has been fed by politicians whichever parties they belong to. And a few people knows that Yemen were ruled by several ancient kingdoms that their ruins and antiques are more enough there to talk about them and to attract many tourists and researchers and has many several natural resources such oil, gas minerals and geothermal formation to attract many investors but unfortunately because of ignorance that was surrounded Yemenis, and greedy and corrupted people invested this ignorance and illiteracy to damage, steal and smuggle our antiques outside Yemen and gain illegal assets. Archeological antiques smuggling is internationally prohibited and Yemen does not follow up or seriously trace the criminals. Also, Yemen is rich with economical several sources that attract many investors to invest in Yemen and push social and economical welfare up.

Dear Yemenis, our country is very rich with archeological sites and ruins, and with economical sources, Yemen is only needs more skilled labor force and more effective, loyal and faithful leaders to plan and implement their plan. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to the value of Yemen and how much rich we are and we must feel proud of ourselves. And All Yemenis whatever their religion and whichever ethinics and governorate they belong to, should work together to make Yemen prosperous country and one of the best country in the Arabian peninsula.