Video - Al-Qaeda suicide attack on Houthis Shi'ite in western Yemen

Violence wracked Yemen yet again Thursday -- this time in the form of dual car bomb attacks purportedly carried out by al Qaeda militants targeting fighters from the minority, albeit powerful, Houthi group.

At least nine Houthi fighters died in the attacks on a strategic Houthi camp at the airport of western Yemen's port city of Hodiedah, a local Interior Ministry official and medics told CNN.

Medics expected the death toll to rise as some of about a dozen people injured in the attacks are in critical condition.

The bloodshed speaks to the dangers and instability in the Arab nation, though this time not involving anyone with the Yemeni government. Instead, it is Houthis -- followers of a sect of Shia Islam in a country where Sunni Muslims are the majority -- who find themselves in the fight.