Yemeni women and youth join to support Legislate Peace Campaign

There was ‘Legislate Peace Campaign’ to support the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW) proclaimed by Heavenly Culture World Peace restoration of Light(HWPL) in 2 major cities in Yemen in the first half of 2016.
International Peace Youth Group(IPYG) and International Women’s Peace Group(IWPG) took charge of International Law Peace Committee. The youth and women got 3908 signatures only in Yemen.
57 youth voluntarily went out and had Legislate Peace Campaign to make the DPCW a legally binding instrument last May in Taiz, the second biggest city in Yemen. They got 1608 signatures.
After this event Ghazwa Saeed Al-Absi, the founder of Yemeni youth organization named Engaging Youth for Peace(EYP) and International Law Peace Committee member, said, “we will fight for peace with our last breath.”
32 women, including Arfat shraf, the head of human rights and relief team of Al Agatha put their signatures in HWPL international law workshop held in Ibb, the city famous for its beautiful landscape.
They said, “Legislate Peace Campaign will be actively run to protect Yemeni youth as mothers who protect their children from wars and create peace.”
‘Legislate Peace Campaign’ which HWPL is focusing on is the international peace signature campaign for the cessation of war. After proclaiming the DPCW the youth and women from all over the world initiated International Law Peace Committee and brought participation from various sectors for a short time. There is much attention to peace achievements made by Yemeni women and youth who proclaim peace in spite of a difficult situation.