Yemen: The UAE Red Crescent rebuilds the city of Al-Mukha after its liberation from the Houthi militia

The UAE Red Crescent handed over the houses of the first stage of the reconstruction of Al-Mukha in Taiz Governorate. It consisted of 17 houses. The event was attended by the UAE Red Crescent official Khalid Al Mazroui, his deputy Mohammad Al-Kutbi, the poet Massoud Al-Kaabi and a number of Red Crescent members from the UAE.

The official of the UAE Red Crescent in Aden, Mr. Khalid Al Mazrouei, after handing over the keys to houses for beneficiaries of the sons of the Mukha, we today, thank God, continue the scientific relief of the liberated areas and in the Mukha Taiz province and within the first phase we hand over the houses that have been built for them as part of humanitarian charity in the year 2017 Which was approved by our wise leadership and included a series of activities and charitable and humanitarian activities carried out by the UAE Red Crescent, including the restoration and construction of schools, hospitals and residential buildings in the city of Mukhaa and dig and equip dozens of wells for drinking water in the villages in Bab al-Mandab and Makhka included the first phase that followed the liberation rebuilding 17 houses in addition to the rehabilitation of the electric power station and the rehabilitation of the water network and the restoration of the hospital with the residence of doctors and maternity and childhood and the rehabilitation of 4 schools.
Al Mazroui stressed the continuity of the UAE Red Crescent to stand by their brothers and provide assistance and support to the affected and afflicted until the return to normal life and peace in Yemen.

Ali al-Shami, one of the citizens of al-Mukhaa and the beneficiaries of the first phase of reconstruction after the liberation of the city from the Huthis militias, said  that the war displaced and removed  the people  from their own  homes and when they  returned after liberation they  found their homes destroyed. The  UAE and its Red Crescent organization were the lifeline of the poor people and the messengers of good not only delivered food and medicine, They built houses for people  better than they used to. Al-Shami  pointed out that there are a number people are still unable to return and need to restore and rebuild their houses.
Al-Shami  expressed his thanks and appreciation to the UAE and the UAE Red Crescent for providing generous support in various fields.