Yemen Houthis reject the division of Yemen to 6 territories

The  leader of the Houthi militia , Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi rejected  the division of Yemen to 6 territories, during  the negotiations with the Advisers of  Yemeni president which met in Saada last Monday .
The two sides discussed the mechanism of implementation of the peace and partnership, signed by the Yemeni political parties in September last year, but the advisers of Yemeni President Hadi advisers were unable to convince al-Huthi to back down from his position. The representative of Al-Houthi in the constitution committee refused to sign the new draft of constitution that include the division Yemen into six territories.
The National Dialogue conference , composed of delegates from across the country, agreed last February to restructure parts of Yemen in order to determine local grievances that led to instability in the impoverished country.

Congress recognized the division of the country into six regions, which was rejected by Houthis.