5 Major Yemeni parties announce from Cairo the formation of a new political coalition

Cairo - AIJES:

Five major Yemeni parties, announced from the Egyptian capital of Cairothe formation of a new political coalition "to restore the active role of Yemeni political life".

The five parties are the Socialist Party, the Nasserite, the Justice and Building Party, the Union of Popular Forces and the Unionist Rally.

A press statement issued by the Preparatory Committee,included information the "completed the completion of the political document of the new coalition adding that "the committee is currently working on the completion of the internal rules of the coalition, which will be announced details soon, by the secretaries of parties parties signed the political document of the coalition."

The statement added that "the political document of the coalition including the basic principles and principles, on the basis of ending the coup carried out by the Huthis, and their allies of forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the government of President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi legitimacy. "