US administration pays careful attention to Yemen: official

(Saba) - The US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs said on Tuesday that the US administration pays Yemen careful attention to Yemen.

Anne Patterson also accentuated the US administration's adherence to strengthen relations of cooperation with Yemen in order to achieve the mutual interests of the two peoples.

During her meeting with Prime Minister Khalid Bahah, the US Assistant Secretary reiterated her country's position in support of the Yemeni government to implement the desired objectives.

The Premier valued highly the positive role and support the United States shows to Yemen in many areas.

Then, Bahah talked about the Government’s priorities that will focus on the security and economic situation in the country, as well as the development of the education sector, making reference to the government’s Declaration of the next 2015 year to be the year of education.

He expressed confidence that Yemen's development partners of donor countries and organizations will spare no effort to support the government’s plans and fulfill the pledges they announced previously.

Bahah and Patterson also reviewed the aspects of the aid the US provides to Yemen to enhance development and stability in Yemen, in addition to the government’s current and future plans to address the existing challenges and complete the transitional stage. They also touched upon the regional and international required aid to support the government's efforts to implement the plans which are based on the outcomes of the national dialogue and peace and national partnership agreement.