Al-Qaeda in Yemen declares "seize" five million riyals and car belongs to Army

Ansar al-Sharia al Qaeda-linked group in Yemen said, it "has captured" five million riyals ($ 23 thousand) and a car belonging to the Yemeni army on Friday in Mareb province east of the country.
They said in a statement published on (Twitter) that the "Mujahedeen stopped Friday, an army vehicle in the Abeda  valley in the province of Marib (east of Yemen) during transporting  the amount of 5 million rials)  salaries of soldiers, according to the news agency" Reuters ".
Al-Qaeda noted that the "Mujahedeen" did not kill the soldiers (not specify the number) after they surrendered at gunpoint.
Al-qaeda on twitter  added that they released soldiers after taking the amount and a car model (Prado) with 3 Kalashnikovs. 
Official authorities did not announce any position confirm or deny the attack.
The Valley  of Abeda  is the strongholds of al-Qaeda in Marib province due to the availability of tribal protection for persons belonging to this organization particularly among the tribe.