ICRC sends aid for areas under control of Houthis rebels western Yemen ignoring southern cities?

YOL - Houdeida ,Yemen

The International Red Cross Committee ICRC   declared on Wednesday the arrival of a ship belonging to the ICRC carrying 944 tons of aid to the Hodeida port in western Yemen coming from Amman . ICRC declaration sparked anger and wonder among Yemeni human rights activists in south of Yemen because Al-Houdeida province is under the control of Houthi rebels  which means  acquisition of aid by the rebels. The activists denounced by the International Organization to send its ship to the port of Hodeida and to overcome the port of Aden. ICRC  sent aid knowing that  this aid wouldn't  going  to the southern cities that need aid and medical help that any other area in Yemen, the  international organizations have to reconsider the way to send international aid to Yemen, Yemeni resistances said to YOL .