Iranian newspaper accuses Saudi Arabia targeting the ambassador's house and carry out terrorist acts in Yemen

Iranian newspaper "Al-Manar" accused the Saudi regime is insisting on continuing vandalized and its terrorism in Yemen, refusing the Saudi  interfering in the internal affairs of Yemen . Saudi regime plans to divide Yemen and the nation to implement US agenda  instructions to change the map of the region, Al-Manar said.


Al-Manar newspaper adds that the diplomatic circles said that the popular rejection of the policy of the Saudi regime in Yemen , paid to increase pumping money and weapons operations into Yemen, and the recruitment of additional terrorist cells, were helpful in that, with al Qaeda, to carry out a bombing in the Yemeni provinces, to ignite chaos, and to prevent the Yemen's stability and development.

The explosion, which targeted the home of the Iranian ambassador in Sanaa, was carried out by a terrorist cell with instructions from Riyadh, and these departments exclude the occurrence of a new bombing terrorist operations against the leaders and institutions, diplomatic missions, rejecting the policy of Saudi rulers who fear the stability of  Yemen.