Saudi Arabia Warns Iran Is Trying To Turn Yemen Into A ‘Missile Base

Iran wants to turn Yemen into a “missile base” from which it can threaten Saudi Arabia, according to a Saudi general.

Saudi Gen. Ahmed Asiri claimed Saudi Arabia prevented an “Iranian plot” from threatening the country’s security and stability in an interview with Saudi Arabia’s al-Arabiya news Sunday. He added that the Iranians planned to use Yemen’s Houthi rebels to implement their scheme, allowing Iran to deploy missiles and use Hezbollah suicide bombers against the country.

Saudi Arabia “did not need to wait for Yemen to become another missile base that threatens the security and safety of Saudi Arabia, as the Iranians planned to do, to turn Yemen into a military base, from which they could attack the kingdom,” said Asiri, who serves as both the spokesman for Saudi operations in Yemen and as advisor to the defense minister.

Houthi rebels have targeted Saudi Arabia with 48 ballistic missiles since the country began joint military operations with other Arab states in Yemen in 2015. He said a total of 138 missiles have targeted either Saudi territory or its forces. It is believed that Iran, which has one of the largest military stockpiles in the Middle East, is supplying Yemen’s Houthi rebels with military equipment. Daily Caller