Yemen: UAE to rehabilitate service sectors in Mokha

AIJES: The United Arab Emirates continues its humanitarian efforts to provide support and  to the service sectors in the city of Al-Mukha, in the west of Yemen after the liberation of the city from the control of the Huthi militias. The UAE contribution help the local people  in Al-Mokha to getting back thier norman life.

The UAE Red Crescent Authority has launched a project to rebuild the houses damaged by the war. Manour Salih, one of the project's owners, confirmed that the construction of 35 houses damaged in the recent war is in its final phase.

The engineering teams completed maintenance and repair of damage at the central power station in the city with the generous support of the Red Crescent, a record period of humanitarian efforts to restore life and contribute to the return of displaced persons and the normalization of basic services suspended By the war. In the coming days, following the completion of a number of repairs and maintenance of the central generating station, adding that since the signing of the agreement between the Red Crescent and the Governor of Taiz more than a month ago, Implementation of a number of tasks Including the installation and maintenance of generators, as well as the public transport network and high frequency lines.
They added that the rehabilitation of the plant will enable the provision of electricity capacity of 120 megawatts, and will benefit the city and other liberated provinces in the near future.
The Red Crescent has also completed the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of five schools in its efforts to support the education sector and help students resume the school year normally.
Educational sources pointed out that the educational process will remain in the coming days in an integrated way through improving the infrastructure of the education sector and rehabilitation of schools and furnishing equipment and necessary equipment by the Red Crescent in record time, noting that preparations are continuing to Receive students in their classrooms after two years of deprivation by the control of militias the coup of the city.