UAE offers largest medical aid to fight cholera in Yemen

AIJES- Paris : An Emirates transport plane carrying 50 tons of cholera drugs arrived at Aden International Airport last week, followed this week by another shipment of medical aid to tackle the cholera epidemic in Yemen as Yemeni medical sourse said.

The plane was received by a delegation from the UAE Red Crescent led by Khaled Al Mazrouei, who said that the drugs will be handed over to the World Health Organization and distributed to all Yemeni governorates as needed, especially in the provinces where the cholera epidemic is spreading.

Al-Mazrouei added that the humanitarian support of the Yemeni people continues and does not exclude anyone. He said that even the provinces controlled by the coupers will receive this medical support through the World Health Organization.

This medical support came under the guidance of the UAE political leaders to send 100 tons of emergency assistance to the Yemeni people to combat the cholera epidemic that is sweeping most of the provinces.

The amount of medicines that will reach 100 tons. Of which 50 tons arrived  and is expected to reach another 50 tons tomorrow.