Hallmarks' of Iran, Yemen Houthi rebels missile fired at Riyadh

Photo: Houthi media released images of the missile it says was fired towards Saudi Arabia


A missile fired from Yemen at the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh, bears the hallmarks of a weapon provided by Iran, the US ambassador to the UN has said.

Nikki Haley said Iran's actions threatened to drag the world "deeper into a broadening regional conflict".

The missile was shot down by Saudi Arabia's military on Tuesday. There were no reports of any damage.

Iran denies arming Houthi rebels in Yemen who are fighting Yemen's government and a Saudi-led coalition.

The Houthis' Al Masirah TV reported that a Burkan H2 ballistic missile had been targeted at a royal palace in Riyadh.

Addressing the UN Security Council in New York, Mrs Haley said the missile "bears all the hallmarks of previous attacks using Iranian-provided weapons".

"We must all act co-operatively to expose the crimes of the Tehran regime and do whatever is needed to make sure they get the message. If we do not, then Iran will bring the world deeper into a broadening regional conflict," she said.

She suggested a list of measures the council could take against Tehran but Russia, which has friendly relations with Iran, signalled it would not support them.