Arab coalition pumps in over Dh51 billion aid into Yemen in three years

The UAE and Saudi-led Arab coalition has pumped in $14 billion (Dh51.4 billion) in the last three years to support Yemeni people and is deploying several more aid shipments with strong focus on health, sanitation, water, energy and food, a senior UAE government official said.

"The coalition forces have put in close to $14 billion in the last 3 years in support of the Yemeni people. Yet despite that financial commitment, there is a still lot of suffering. There are still many basic needs that are not being met for Yemeni people - for the children in particular. And there are several sectors that we are very much focused on - health, sanitation, water, energy and food. We have currently aligned several shipments that are ready to be deployed (to Yemen)," said Reem Al Hashimy, UAE's Minister for International Cooperation.

She pointed out that the UAE and its coalition partners are closely looking at other ways in which they can reach the people of Hodeida in Yemen. "We are very committed to doing all that we can to address the needs of the population."

Al Hashimy revealed all this a video interview published by the UAE Embassy in Washington DC., US, to discuss Arab Coalition's humanitarian assistance efforts and push for political resolution in Yemen.

The UAE minister stressed that if an unstable Yemen continues to derail and if militia force Hezbollah continues to operate out of Yemen, then an incredibly precarious situation emerges which will foster Al Qaeda. Hence, it it'll compromises international maritime routes that Yemen has access to. "In all and all that takes very serious negative turn into geopolitical stability over a very fragile part of the world."

The Iranian-backed Houthi militias dethroned a legitimate Yemeni government which destabilised and threatened peace and security in Yemen.

She reiterated that the Arab coalition went into Yemen to restore legitimacy at the request of legitimate government of Yemen and in accordance with UN Council Resolution 2216.

"We are incredibly measured and careful in our military operations. We are very worried about the deteriorating humanitarian situation that Yemen has been facing over a long number of years," Al Hashimy added.