Is the United States supports the losers?

By Jamal Al-Awadhi

It is very difficult to understand the US policy in Yemen during the current chaos and violence   . The United States announced last week that they support the Yemeni president Hadi , that announcement has become a monthly and sometimes weekly .So far , I  and many other people in Yemen  have no idea about the achievements of the president Hadi that deserve the repeating of the US support for him .   

I ask the reader to share me this imagination as :
Imagine the following:
 If  President Obama is looking to become the presidency of the Democratic Party.
And if he  allowed armed militias that occupies Washington and asked the army and security to cooperate with them.
Whenever the people demand for  elections, he tells them that the current situation does not allow due to armed confrontations.
Appointing  militia leaders within the military and security.
His sons became actively control the decision-making and work new presidential term for their father .
Complaining the whole time and did not offer any economic or political solutions.
Economic crisis may make Yemen as another Somalia, Afghanistan, or perhaps worse.
Allow armed militia to inspect security men looking for weapons.
Finally, his presidential house surrounded by militia and all of his movements are observed .
Doing all of that to stay on the top of power as president .
Are the American people would support such a loser .. I believe not.

This is the story of our president .. president of Yemen which always the  US announced  support for him .