UAE continues aid efforts in Yemen

In the framework of the great role played by the UAE in the field of Yemeni relief, the UAE Red Crescent delegation visited a number of areas, villages and rural areas of the West Coast of Aden and Lahj to Ras Al-Ara and its environs. The visit included the distribution of 2000 food baskets to citizens and displaced persons, Red UAE .

Deputy Director of the Red Crescent of the United Arab Emirates in Aden Mohammed al-Kutbi said that humanitarian and relief work is continuing to help Yemeni people and   2017 is the good year under the guidance of our wise leadership, which is keen to provide aid and assistance to the affected and victims and poor families in a number of countries in the world, including Yemen.
 Pointing out that the delegation of the UAE Red Crescent is touring the different areas and villages in the West Coast to see their situation and identify the emergency projects carried out during the previous stages and know the needs of the people of these areas to work for them in the future.