Yemen human rights center demands Houthi rebels to release abducted Yemeni journalists and political detainees

Photo:Houthi rebels attack on a Yemeni journalist

YOL: The National Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development NOD in Yemen strongly Condemned in a press release   the abduction of  a number of Yemeni journalists and political party leaders by Houthi rebels  and put them in a secret detention and prevent their visit or to know their fate by their relatives . NOD affirms that this action by Houthi rebels was flagrant violation of freedom of opinion and expression and all  international humanitarian treaties.

 NOD demanded  rebels to immediately release the abducted journalists and politicians  without any condition or restriction, at least to prove its good intentions to the international community, which requires them to quickly implement Security Council resolution 2216 and stop the suffering of the Yemenis and intimidation by various means in the areas they control by force of arms.

Local sources siad to NOD that some of politicians and journalists in rebels detentions  are suffering and need urgent medical treatments and care . Some other sources confirmed to  NOD that  Mohamed Qahtan leader of the Islah (Islamic Party in Yemen)  detained in Houthis prisons suffer from healthy critical condition requiring speed being transferred abroad for treatment.

Houthi rebels  carries on  full responsibility of the lives of journalists and politicians in their secret prisons.

 NOD demands Houthi  rebels to cease all violations against journalists and political leaders opposition to them and the release of detainees calling Houthis to respect freedom of opinion and expression as well as the implementation of UN security council's  resolutions No. 2216 , all of its items and return to the negotiating table in order to retrieve Yemen for security and stability and its legitimate political regime .