Yemen's Aden refinery seeks 900,000 t gasoil, gasoline

 Yemen's Aden Refinery Company is seeking 900,000 tonnes of gasoil and gasoline for delivery in February to April, continuing its purchases since Saudi Arabia suspended most of its financial aid to the country, industry sources said.
The company is seeking nine cargoes of 60,000 tonnes each of 0.5 per cent sulphur gasoil and 12 cargoes of 30,000 tonnes each of 90-octane gasoline through two separate tenders.
The gasoil tender closes on January 11 and is valid until January 14, while the gasoline tender closes on January 12 and is valid until January 15.
Aden Refinery last bought 240,000 tonnes of gasoil for delivery in January from Vitol and Energen at a premium of between $3.75 and $3.90 a barrel to Middle East quotes.
It also bought 120,000 tonnes of gasoline from BP and Energen at a premium of $31 a tonne above Mediterranean quotes.
Saudi Arabia has suspended most of its financial aid to Yemen, an indication of its dissatisfaction with the growing political power of Shi'ite Houthi fighters friendly with Riyadh's regional rival, Iran.
Prior to the gasoil imports in January, Yemen's last gasoil import was in August, and the subsequent months were covered by aid.--Reuters