Yemen Minister of Human Rights violates the right of freedom of expression

YOL: The Yemeni  human rights  Minister and Minister in charge of information  Izz al-Din Asbahi demanded the Saudi authorities to deport Yemeni  journalists who resigned from the channel of Aden which broadcasts from Riyadh  immediately  from Saudi territory. Asbahi act against journalists who belonged to south of Yemen after  a after they   demand the government to give more attention to the southern people rights who greatly suffered from the Houthi rebels and the militial of former president Saleh.
The  Saudi authority  refused the request of  human rights minister, expressing in to the yemeni journalists that they are in their land  between their friends and brothers  . In another friendly meeting with Saudi intelligence representatives the Yemeni medial persons expressed their gratitude for the  Kingdom leadersand  Saudi government  for standing with the right of journalists while human rights minister  was supposed to understand them and defend their rights and not  threatened them because they expressed their  opinions  freely as  guaranteed by Yemeni law and Constitution.

Many of Yemeni human rights NGOs condemned the act of human rights minister considering it a clear violation against  freedom of  expression.
It is a shame on the Yemeni government  that the violation comes  from the official who is supposed to be the defender of human rights, Jamal Al-Awadhi  human rights activist said.