UAE pledges to restore electricity in Aden and other southern Yemeni provinces

Abu Dhabi: As part of its humanitarian aid efforts in Yemen, the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) distributed 2,000 boxes of food to Yemenis facing starvation in Al Houta.

The ERC also reported that water pumps have been sent to Aden’s Mualla district, which assisted up to 1,200 residents.

Equipment worth Dh5 million has been bought and Dh22.7 million will be spent to repair water supply infrastructure in Yemen.

Shadia Jalal, coordinator of the ‘Thank You UAE of Goodness’ campaign, expressed her appreciation to the ERC teams for their financial and humanitarian support.

Media activist Mohammad Musaed Saleh also stressed that the ERC continues to stand in solidarity with the UAE’s neighbour Yemen.


Meanwhile, the UAE has pledged to restore the electricity sector in Aden and other southern Yemeni provinces.

The UAE will transfer all the currently available power generation once the work is completed in due course. It will also send spare parts to stations in Al Hiswa, Al Mansoora and Khormaksar in Aden.

In addition, the UAE will provide electrical equipment for the public network and 140MW to the stations in Hadramout, Mahram, Socotra and Shabwah.

As far as strategic solutions are concerned, the UAE has commissioned a global consultancy to develop plans to modernise and develop the electricity capacity by 1,000MW.

With the ERC executing a wealth of projects aimed at serving Yemen’s electricity, sanitation, health and water infrastructure sectors, the centre reported to have set an outlay of up to Dh400 million for these projects to come to fruition.

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