Sudan to send additional forces to Yemen amid heavy casualties

 – Ministry of Defense of Sudan announced on Friday, June 9, that the command of country’s armed forces ponders over sending a new batch of soldiers to Yemen to participate in the Saudi-led military intervention in this country.

Sudanese newspaper, Assayha, quoted Sudan’s Minister of State for Defense, as saying that “our country is preparing to dispatch a new contingent of Sudanese forces to Yemen” to participate in the so-called “Decisive Storm” operation, as a part of Sudan’s commitments to protect the Saudi border from attacks by Yemeni Army and Popular Committees (Houthi insurgents) who constantly retaliate for the Saudi aggression in their country since late March, 2015.

Sudanese Armed Forces suffered dozens of casualties and injuries on Yemen’s western coast in the battles of Midi port, Hajjah province.

Sudan’s military contingent in Yemen is a part of Saudi-led Arab coalition that has been waging war in Yemen since March 2015.

The Sudanese forces sustained heavy losses in lives and equipment during violent confrontations with Yemeni Republican Guard units and Houthis in the Midi Desert Front in northern Yemen.

Previously, Yemeni military media published pictures and videos showing the scale of Sudanese Army’s losses, with dozens of dead Sudanese soldiers and lots of destroyed military equipment pieces depicted in the images and footage.

In the same time, Sudan’s authorities are yet to admit the extent of their country’s involvement in Yemeni War and the difficulties their forces had faced there.

Meanwhile, Qatar withdrew its military contingent of 1000 troops from Saudi-Yemeni border on Wednesday following the boycott that Qatar’s Gulf neighbours had declared against their former ally. AMN