Who supports extremists and al Qaeda in Yemen?

Photo: Number of  ISLAH parti leaders in Yemen


AIJES- The ISLAH party (Muslim Brotherhgood branch in Yemen) is a political and media incubator for the so-called al-Qaeda and its crimes. In all the events taking place in the country, which are party to the rule, we find that the statements, positions and statements of the leaders of the reform party defend them and justify their crimes until the recent events proved a direct relationship between al-Qaeda and the party And a fighter with al-Qaeda and defending its crimes against the Yemeni people in various events that occurred in Yemen north or south, this strengthens the failure to issue or interaction leaders of the reform even if superficial statement denounces those terrorist acts

The coordination and alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist groups takes several fields, including the media. The large media outlets of the Islah Party are ignoring and distorting counterterrorism efforts and are seeking to submit human rights reports defending terrorists in international forums through the reformist organizations (the Muslim Brotherhood) Funded by Qatar.


 Revealed the truth of ISLAH party
The war in Yemen revealed the truth of the ISLAH party [the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Yemen] as the real source of terrorist groups, and a school for the graduation of terrorist suicide bombers.
 Many events witnessed by Yemen from bombings and terrorist attacks were carried out with the planning and management of the Islah Party, including those carried out by suicide bombers who blew themselves up and proved their political affiliations belonging to the Reform Party and graduated from its most prominent societies and universities
As well as embrace the reform in Marib and the White and Taiz of the leaders of terrorism, mainly belonging to the Reform Party and graduated from the University of faith, and participated in the war in Afghanistan [the main base of Al Qaeda] and also recently participated in the battles of Syria and Iraq [main premises of Daash] The reformist and close to Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar (Mhmait) in Marib at the hands of unknown gunmen after his return from the fighting in Syria, as well as the killing of the son of the leader of the Brotherhood Abdul Majidhaltari in Syria
The reformist party [the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Yemen] and its relationship with terrorism, clearly and unambiguously, have become clear over the past period that reform has become the official incubator and source of terrorist groups
In a number of places under its control, the reform embraces the leadership of terrorist groups, particularly in Marib, al-Baida, Taiz, Shabwa, Wadi Hadramout, and parts of the provinces of Abyan and Shabwa in south of Yemen.


Media coverage and the Qatari support

In the issue of the magazine «Al-Masri», the media arm of Al-Qaeda, in a single issue, the magazine devoted a page to defend Qatar and its Emir, Tamim bin Hamad, asserting that the decision to boycott the Arab countries was after Doha was supported the Muslim Brotherhood movement,

In the issue, the next issue of the newspaper, number 52, published an investigation claiming that the title "From Yemen to Libya, the hand of the UAE is visible on the back of all the oppressed.


Al-Sahab Organization of Terrorist Organization also published a statement in its edition of Al-Qaeda leader in Yemen Khalid Batrafi, who described the terrorist list issued by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain as a war against Islam and Muslims. And Islamic groups to «victory and incitement to jihad and no way to national»

A lengthy report in the al-Qaeda newspaper, issued from the coast of Hadramout, described what he called the campaign against Qatar as a result of alarm at the Qatari role in Yemen and its support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Qaeda organization in Yemen and the Islah Party, the political and armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, have been linked to each other, as confirmed by the leader Jalal Belaidi Al-Mirqashi in an earlier issue which commented on the interrelationship between the Brotherhood and the organization in Yemen and participating in the operations, Most notably in the city of Marib.

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All these previous relations were before the start of the Arab Spring revolutions, which turned the group on the organization, claiming then that it only works in the peaceful, the Brotherhood showed extremist positions of al-Qaeda, which was a step to lead the political scene in Yemen and access to power, but with the failure of the group And even today


An intimate relationship

Day after day, the facts and events of Yemen, the Arabian Peninsula, the region and the region in general prove the intimate relationship that al-Qaeda has with the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and its branches in Yemen, which is sponsored by the Yemeni Rally for Reform, The petition, which is covered by "the brothers of Yemen" with religious cover and humanitarian and charitable work. It is not surprising that the "strong relationship" between the two parties "reflected politically, intellectually and practically" the "media discourse" adopted by the "media machine" of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Brotherhood of Yemen as a "unified" media entity To «terrorism».

"Which says that the" Al-Qaeda media "is repeating what it writes" informing the Muslim Brotherhood "and vice versa, that the media discourse emanates from" one kitchen and one source "and" supporting the rescue of terrorism "in a number of countries in the region and the world and its support for many terrorist organizations. What observers interpreted as the "media harmony" between al-Qaeda's speech and the speech of the "Brotherhood of Yemen" group, which has a strong and open relationship with the terrorist organizations funded by Doha, which has been involved in supporting terrorism for many years, a fundamental pillar of its foreign policy.