Al-Qaeda has become stronger than before in Yemen, Analyst

The Yemeni political activist Jamal Al-Awadhi said to YemenOnline that al-Qaeda attacks increased in different Yemeni provinces than ever because  of the expansion of the Shiite   Houthis in the Sunni areas  where number of Sunni tribes  allied  with al-Qaeda fight  the Houthis which  turning the war against al Qaeda into sectarian armed conflict.

Al-Qaeda has emerged in the provinces were not exist before, such as the province of Ibb, in which more than 35 people were killed in a suicide bombing last week also increased its attacks in Dhamar province and killed a number of people.

The most attacks of Al-Qaeda targeting Houthis in Al-Beidah province southeast of The Yemeni capital Sana’a  where dozens of Shiite Hothis  killed every day by Suicide attacks, Al-Awadhi said.

It is clear that with each expansion of the Houthis in the various regions of Yemen we find a larger exist of al-Qaeda operations against  Houthis. Al-Awadhi added .

It seems that the US plan to fight al-Qaeda  in its strongholds by assistance of   the Houthis and  Yemeni army came backfire, Al-Qaeda became stronger than ever, Al-Awadhi said .