A document reveals the secret support provided by Yemen President to Houthis

The news site  "Alfjr Aljdid" got a document directed by the Office of the Presidency to the Ministry of Legal Affairs, to include two of the leaders of the Houthi group to the National Commission, to control the output of the comprehensive national dialogue, in secret and unspoken.

The document did not declared officially and  directed by Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak  head of the presidency office,  to the Ministry of Legal Affairs, issuing two decisions to include  Saleh Alsmad, and Ali Al-Emad.

The document emphasizes the secret support provided by President Hadi  to Al-Houthi Shiite   group.

President Hadi faces  criticism by the majority of Yemenis  because of the severe ambiguities, who runs his country, which has helped the growth of terrorist groups, and has fueled the South to secede from the north, and the deterioration of the economic situation, freezing  the  development process in Yemen, and the emergence of a lot of problems may lead to a complete breakdown of the state.