Yemen operations ‘going right’ Assiri says

JEDDAH: Coalitions efforts on the ground in Yemen have been smooth and successful due to the ongoing coordination between the Yemeni leadership and the coalition partners, said spokesman Col. Ahmad Al-Assiri.
“Any support offered to Yemenis and the resistance army, and any activity carried out on the ground, is in the name of all coalition countries; all aid and operations pass through the joint coalition forces,” he said.
Military support that reaches Yemeni groups is determined by the military position and the operational need, as determined by the coalition, he said.
Meanwhile, Yemeni Interior Minister Maj. Gen. Abdo Al-Hudhaifi revealed in a statement to a local paper that the Yemeni government and forces of the coalition coordinated with the International Campaign to Combat Land Mines to search for the thousands of mines planted by troops loyal to ousted leader Ali Abdullah Saleh and Al-Houthi.
He emphasized the need for support teams from neighboring countries to deal with these mines, especially since they were laid as a means of blocking the progress of resistance fighters and trying to influence civilians.
He said the de-mining organization has already participated in the search and exploration for mines that were planted in previous wars.
“We are now in the process of coordinating efforts and support with the Kingdom and the UAE directly, and with the rest of the coalition and Arab states in order to ensure the best performance of the heroes of the resistance in various provinces,” said Al-Hudhaifi.
He said the liberation of the province of Taez has opened a real window of opportunity to liberate Sanaa and Saada, and he expects the fall of the Houthis and ousted leader Saleh at the same time in both cities.
“Each province that is liberated is subject to a military and security plan to deal with terrorist sleeper cells located within,” added Al-Hudhaifi.

Arab News