All Yemen government are OK and we will not abandon the people, PM

Vice President , prime minister of Yemen  Khaled Bahah that he and all members of his government  are staying in the city of Aden, stressing that they  will not  leave Aden affirming  that no one from government had got hurt.

Bahah said in the first press statement after the missile attack on the seat of government that he and his government will stay in Aden.

 "We would like to assure all the people of Aden We are here to stay and will not be  terrorized by any rocket attacks , we will not abandon the people will not let them down, PM said

Bahah called on all the people of Aden to join hands and close ranks, stressing that any attempt to destabilize security in the city aim to foil the government and bring down the city in the furnace of chaos.