Geneva hosts high-level conference on Yemen

 Pohoto: Yemeni prime minister Bin Dagher headed a meeting with a number of donors in Geneva 


The United Nations will hold a high-level conference in Geneva on Tuesday April 25, 2017 to raise funds to address the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The conference to be organize with cooperation of the Governments of Switzerland and Sweden.

World Food Program "WFP looks forward to the conference, which will be held under the auspices of the United Nations and with the support of the Swedish and Swiss governments, to mobilize immediate support for Yemen," said Stephen Anderson, WFP country director for Yemen.

In what Andersen called the situation in Yemen the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, he expressed in a press statement his concern about the deterioration of the crisis more in the absence of adequate support.

"During the conference, the program will call for immediate and flexible resources to respond to food security and nutrition needs, and to provide integrated support from all humanitarian sectors so that we can achieve synergies and better impact in targeting the most needy people in a better way, Anderson said . He added that they will demand access to the needy in every Across the country without hindrance. "

Anderson  stressed that «the conference to be held at a very critical time for Yemen, especially after the announcement of the results of the survey carried out by the program mid-last month, on the status of food security in the country». 

Yemeni prim minister Dr.Ahmed Bin Dagher arrived to Geneva with a number of Yemeni minister to participate in the conference .