Yemen human rights minister to lead an international campaign to denounce the Houthis' violations against freedom of expression

Photo: Yemeni Human rights minister Askar with Deputy High Commissioner of the United Nations High Commission  for Human Rights in Geneva (AIJES)


Yemeni Deputy Minister of Human Rights Mohammad Askar said Wednesday that an international campaign to be launched in a number of European countries to denounce the Houthis' violations of freedom of opinion and expression, especially the death sentence against Yemeni journalist Yahia al-Jubeihi.

The Yemeni human rights minister Askar  launched his campaign during the  meeting  last week with Ms. Kate Gilmore, Deputy High Commissioner of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, where he reviewed a number of Huthi violations against civilians and journalists, calling on the High Commissioner for Human Rights to declare  a clear condemnation  of the death sentence of journalist Jubeihi. These violations may encourage the rebels in Yemen  to carry out more arrests and violations , referring to the last  speech of the leader of the Houthis, which has encouraged the use of violence against their opponents, Askar said.

on the other hand Kate Gilmore considerd  the execution sentence  of a journalist is (unacceptable and unfair), noting that the UN human rights Commission is studying the current situation and how to deal with it.

The UN high official Gilmore said that the first visit to Yemen will be to Aden, where she praised the cooperation of the local authorities in Aden with the teams of the Office of the High Commissioner and facilitate their movement and harnessing the possibilities available for the success of their activity.

According to sources close to the Yemeni human rights minister , Mohamed Askar that he will meet with a number of international organizations interested in human rights and freedom of expression  in a number of European countries  carrying an integrated file including evidences of violations of the Huthis and Saleh's militia against their opponents, as well as mobilizing international efforts to demand a moratorium on the death sentence  of the Yemeni journalist Jubeihi Carried out by a gang and armed militias.