With ongoing UAE support and coordination with the local Yemeni authority:prevent the carrying of arms

Shabwa-AIJES: The decision to prevent the carrying of arms received widespread support and satisfaction in a number of districts of the Yemeni southern Shabwa province during the official  launch of the campaign today by the Shabwan elite forces.
Lt. Col. Mohammed Salem Al-Qimishi Al-Buhair, commander of elite forces in Ezzan s pointed out that the decision to prevent weapons comes after a series of successes achieved by the Shabwan elite forces, including the prevention of shooting in the wedding and events and securing the march of public life from the cuttings, which was a nightmare threatening the lives of many in the past in addition to a number of quick moves aimed at achieving a real achievement on the ground serves Citizen is the foundation.

Buhair added that the deployment of elite Shaban forces to activate the decision accompanied by formal and sound procedures approved by the elite on the discovery of a search during the inspection or markets to sell the relief through bonds and pledges and the conviction and satisfaction of the parties.

A number of tribal, social, religious and social figures expressed their satisfaction with the decision to prevent arms, stressing that the presence of the elite contributed to curbing the security chaos and the practices and actions that shook the security of society and the lives of the people of the province.