Former Yemen president Saleh family arrives in Aden after fleeing capital

Photo: Former president Saleh who has been killed by Houthi rebels in Sana'a 2 weeks ago


Relatives of Ali Abdullah Saleh have arrived in the southern Yemeni city of Aden after fleeing the capital following the death of the former president.

Saleh was killed by Yemen's Houthi rebels earlier his month after an alliance between the militants and his supporters broke down. Since his death, the Houthis have gone after his supporters, killing several leading members of his General People's Congress party and detaining others. They have also detained members of Saleh's family, including two of his sons, Salah Saleh and Madyan Saleh.

A journalist close to the Southern Transitional Council, a secessionist body based in Aden, told The National that a number of Saleh's family members, most of them women and children, had arrived in Aden on Saturday night, travelling by car from Sanaa via Al Bayda province.

It is not clear where they will go from Aden though two of Saleh's sons — Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh and Khalid Ali Abdullah Saleh — have been living in the UAE since before their father's death. Ahmed is Yemen's ambassador to the UAE.National