PFPD report: Qatar funds al-Qaeda in Yemen through military commanders and tribes under the guise of ransom

The Paris Forum for Peace and Development PFPD based in Paris issued a report accusing Qatar of funding al-Qaeda in Yemen from under the guise of paying ransom and freeing kidnapped hostages.

According to the organization's report, it relied on Yemeni military, political and human rights activists sources , the information indicated to the involvement of the Qatari regime in funding and supporting al-Qaeda financially through various means, including paying ransom payments in the name of liberating abductees, as happened in Yemen and Iraq.

The  report mentioned that , the al-Qaeda in Yemen received  $ 20 million as a ransom for the release of Swiss hostage Silvia Earhart in March 2012. The mediators were Yemeni tribes and military commanders were  belonged to the Islah Party ( Muslims Brotherhood in Yemen).

Observers told AIJES that al-Qaeda went through a difficult period in 2012, where the Yemeni state declared war on al-Qaeda in the framework of the so-called Operation Golden Swords, where many of its cells were surrounded and targeting its leaders. As a result of the siege and successive strikes, sources of funding that obstructed. Abdul Salam al-Sudi, executive director of the National Center for Human Rights in Yemen , said the ransom of $ 20 million represented a great support to Al-Qaeda  to organize more operation against government . Al-Sudi added that after the assassination of the commander of the Golden Swords operation, Major General Salim Qattan in June 2012 by a suicide bomber blew himself up in front of the military commander's vehicle, the successful military operation stopped and the military withdrew from the areas of al-Qaeda presence. The terrorist organization then expanded in various cities and controlled the port of Mukalla, The war was not later liberalized until after a joint operation carried out by the UAE forces and the southern  resistance, killing hundreds of elements of al-Qaeda while  most of them fled to areas under the protection and control of Yemeni tribes loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen and on top Which is currently controlled by Major General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, Yemeni Vice-President of the Islah Party (the branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen).