UAE Red Crescent provides emergency humanitarian aid to Yemen

AIJES: The UAE Red Crescent  has continued to provide humanitarian food aid by distributing 1,000 food baskets at the Habil Jabr in Lehj Governorate in south of Yemen. The fourth relief convoy is being conducted by UAE RC as emergency aid and response and the extraordinary week of relief and combating malnutrition launched by Al-Hilal on the occasion of World Food Day And included the convoy of relief convoys to Aden, Abyan, Taiz, Dhalea, the West Coast and Lahj.

He praised the director of the Directorate of Habil Jabr, the director of the Directorate of Habil Jabr, praised the arrival of the Red Crescent in the Emirate of Habil Jabr and the provision of support and relief assistance to about 1000 families. He added that Habeel Gabr suffers from the absence and neglect of all organizations, poor directorates, We support the support of the UAE Red Crescent, and we thank them and appreciate the great gesture by them, but this support is insufficient. The UAE Red Crescent appealed for more support and relief for poor families. Other organizations in view of the Directorate of Habil Jabr.

He thanked the people of Habib Jabr for this wonderful humanitarian gesture from the UAE Red Crescent and expressed their great satisfaction with the pioneering role of the United Arab Emirates in supporting and assisting our people and our country, especially in the difficult economic conditions we are experiencing and which have exacerbated the suffering of citizens and increased poverty and the emergence of famine.

A number of families expressed their gratitude to the Government and people of the United Arab Emirates for their support and assistance.