Indulging Al Houthis will only worsen the Yemen crisis

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) must take a firm stand against the ambitions and sinister plot of Al Houthis, Saudi Arabia’s Al Yaum said. “The Gulf countries must put all their weight behind the Yemeni President [Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi] and Yemen’s national powers to implement the outcome of the national dialogue, and that includes the borders of the six Yemeni regions. This will prevent Yemen from becoming a den for Iranian plots targeting Arab nations. Gulf countries have no choice; they must resolve the Yemeni crisis in a way that serves the interests of Yemen and the GCC.

“The Gulf nations must be clear and decisive with the United Nations and its envoy. Paying attention to the desires of Al Houthis, and giving them opportunity and time will only lead to a worsening of the crisis in Yemen, which will be more dangerous for GCC states.”

The UAE’s Al Bayan said that it was important to hold on to the GCC initiative for Yemen and abide by all its terms. . “The initiative serves as a roadmap for resolving the Yemeni crisis. All parties must honour the initiative, which was previously agreed upon by all groups, to save the country from sliding into a cycle of conflict and chaos.

“It is necessary to utilise the opportunity of dialogue to consolidate national unity, and avoid divisions that are now threatening the country in light of foreign intervention. It is the duty of everyone to ensure the success of the upcoming dialogue for the sake of Yemen’s stability and security. Failure to do so will be a catastrophe for Yemen. The nation can no longer handle more political bargains and everyone has to come to an agreement that prioritises the interests of the people and country, and introduces solutions to current problems, most notably the security situation. However, exploiting the current situation in order to impose agendas and achieve partisan and personal interests will only further complicate the issue and lead Yemen into the unknown.”

Commenting on Hadi’s plan to announce that Aden will be the temporary capital of the country, Qatar’s Al Sharq said that was a move warranted by the current situation.

“Aden effectively became the capital of Yemen once Hadi was successful in reaching it. The decision, which Hadi is preparing to announce following legal and constitutional procedures, remains a temporary measure that has been imposed by the current situation. However, despite this, Sana’a remains the capital of a unified Yemen. The Yemeni president has the support of the GCC, Arab and international community in his fight against Al Houthis. He is also backed by a very large majority of the local population, as reflected by daily protests in all governorates of Yemen, including Sana’a. Arab countries shoulder huge responsibility towards providing aid to the Yemeni people ...”

There must be a firm Arab stand that ensures the collapse of Al Houthis and eliminating this phenomenon so that it never reoccurs in any Arab nation, said Jordan’s Al Rai. “To achieve this outcome, there must be a firm Arab stand to ensure that Hadi is in power as the legitimate President, who will prevent division and preserve the unity of Yemen. Yemen is now a nation that must be safeguarded as a matter of security for the entire region, preventing the Bab Al Mandeb [Strait] from falling under Iranian control.”

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